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How to Survive to Level 50 and Beyond: Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Strategy

How to Survive in Kino Der Toten

A simple round by round Black Ops Zombies strategy that takes the difficulty out of pimping the zombie hoard while using almost any weapon. This Kino Der Toten survival strategy will show you how to beat Nazi Zombies in COD Black Ops .

This is a low resolution video of me owning the zombie hoard from
Round 52 to 54.
Below is a refined version of what is demonstrated here.

Round 1

Objective: Maximize Points

Zombies: 6

The whole point of round 1 is getting as many points as possible. Let the zombies in because you may luck out and get a power-up or two. A Double Points (2X) power-up could be the difference between facing the first wave of Hell Hounds with or without the Juggernog perk.

A Double Points power-up in Round 4.

Use the handgun to plant 8 shots to the toe, shin, or thigh; then finish the zombie with a knife. This approach will net you 1720 points by round's end. (500 starter points + 400 handgun points (10pts per bullet x 40 bullets) + 780 melee points (130pts per melee x 6 zombies) + 40pts for closing a window = 1720 points)


  1. Use the Pied Piper tactic (see Phase II under the heading: Round 6 and Beyond) to line up the zombies before using the handgun. One bullet can pass through multiple zombies and net more than 10pts a bullet. This is tricky to perform in such a closed space.

    Hint: Move slowly. Keep the zombie train within a few feet behind you.

  2. If you get hit by a zombie, back off, wait 5 seconds, then reengage; otherwise the next hit from a zombie will have you loading a new game.

  3. Ignore power-ups like Insta-kill or the Nuke. They cheat you out of much needed points.

  4. Close as many windows as possible in the early rounds. This will ease the pressure and net some extra points.

  5. Don't waste points on the Quick Revive perk. With a little skill, you won't need it during early rounds, and will a little more skill you won't need it at all.  Besides, you'll need every point you have to get the MP40, turn on the power, and get Juggernog before round 5. Quick Revive should be one of the last perks you buy.
Quick Revive - for the revival of the un-fittest.

Round 2

Objectives: Maximize Points, Acquire the MP40 

Zombies: 8 

By round 2, you should be out of bullets, unless the power-up gods bestowed a Max Ammo.

A gift from Sam. Max Ammo after a knife in Round 2.

It'll take 2 hits from the knife to kill a zombie. Remember to back off for 5 seconds, if you get hit. (130pts per melee kill + 10pts per melee hit = 140pts per zombie x 8 zombies = 1120pts for Round 2 + 40pts for closing a window + 1720pts hopefully already acquired = 2880pts total)

Of Course, They Have the Best Weapon Ever Made!

At this point, you should have enough to get the MP40. This is only gun you will need. You can pick other weapons to break the inevitable tedium, and if you happen to get the Thunder Gun - awesome, but the MP40 owns. It's a beast in early rounds, and racks up a crap-ton of points later when the zombies roll with Zeus Armor. 

Starting at the Quick Revive machine, go upstairs and to the right to open the door that will eventually lead to the MP40.

The right staircase in the Lobby.

The first door will cost 750pts.

The first door at the top of the right staircase in the Lobby.

The next door found in the Portrait Room will cost 1000pts.

The door in the Portrait Room that leads to the MP40.

Located on the wall at base of right-most staircase, the MP40 will cost 1000pts.

The MP40 can be found at the base of the right staircase in the Speed Cola Room.

Round 3

Objective: Maximize Points 

Zombies: 13 

Now you have the MP40, and are probably low on points. I know what you're thinking: "Time to run amok, amok, amok!" Not yet. 

You still need 2500 points to open the Theater and turn on the power, and an additional 2500 points to buy Juggernog

In round 3, 3 bullets to the leg followed by a knife will max out your points relatively safely (30pts for bullet hits + 130pts for the melee kill = 160pts per kill x 13 zombies = 2080pts). 

 Be careful. There are more zombies, they move a little faster, and you don't have Juggernog.

Round 4

Objectives: Maximize Points, Turn On Power, Try to Get Juggernog 
Zombies: 22 

At this point, welcome to Head Shot City. There are too many zombies, they move too fast, and you don't have Juggernog

You are trying to get 2500 to open the Theater so you can turn on the power, and 2500 for Juggernog. A Double Points (2X) power-up would be sweet, but headhunting all the zombies will net you 2200 (22 x 100pts for headshots) this round. 

Keep a slow zombie alive for closing windows and linking the Teleporter for upcoming rounds. 

As soon as you get the points you need to turn the power on, do so. It'll open up the map, and you may be able to knife the remaining zombies to get the points you need for Juggernog.


Round 5

Objective: Survive

Hell Hound Rounds

Hell Hounds show up randomly between rounds 5 to 7, then every 5th round or so.

Hell Hounds trying to fetch my soul.

There's a Hell Hound sweet-spot in the corner between the stage curtain and the Teleporter. The hounds can only attack one at a time, so this will prevent you from being hit by more than one Hell Hound at once - especially useful when you don't have the Juggernog Perk.

Heading to the Hell Hound Sweet Spot.

The Hell Hound Sweet Spot between the stage curtain and the Teleporter.

During early rounds, the MP40 with the Bowie Knife will handle the Hell Hounds easily. In later rounds, a Pack-a-Punch-ed weapon will be required to put those pesky hounds down - the Zeus Cannon (the Thunder Gun, Pack-a-Punch-ed) is recommended. Aim for the Hell Hound's head and you won't go wrong.

Hell Hound exploding after a knife to the head.

You Can Load or You Can Reload

Reload when the hounds are spawning, and at every safe opportunity. You don't want to be caught reloading with a Hell Hound in front of you - without Juggernog, it's almost guaranteed you'll be loading a new game. This strategy works so well, I consider Hell Hound rounds to be free Max Ammo levels.

Free Max Ammo after the last Hell Hound tastes cold steel.

If you don't already have Juggernog at the end of round 5, grab it quickly while the round is transitioning to 6.

This is a high resolution video of me stomping a
 mud-hole into the zombie hoard from rounds 1 through 5.

Round 6 and Beyond

Objective: Survive 

Phase I: The Gathering

The view from inside the Teleporter - the starting point of the Gathering phase.

Start the round in the Teleporter. Planting claymores outside the Teleporter opening allows you to linger a few moments longer so more zombies will be gathered when you reach the Projection Room. Teleport when the zombies rush you.

Teleporting to the Projection Room.

Projection Room
"The Uuupper Roooom!" Eddie Murphy, as Ray, Life.
Teleporting to the Projection Room during a spawn wave helps to safely gather the zombies for the Pied Piper phase.

Chuck Grenades

When you reach the Projection Room, the zombies will gather beneath the window - so chuck grenades. 
You can buy more grenades from the wall behind the left-most projector. You should be able to buy 4, but chuck 3, sets of grenades before you are teleported back to the Lobby.

Chuckin' Nades.

During early rounds, grenades will thin the zombie herd, but gather few points. During later rounds, it will take the Traps to kill the zombies, but grenades will gather tons of points.

This is a high resolution video of a
zombie holocaust from rounds 6 to 9.

Phase II: The Pied Piper 


Checkpoint Alpha: The Lobby

Chuck a Grenade, Empty a Clip, and Move On

As soon you arrive in the Lobby, chuck a grenade (or two) at the entrance to the Theater. Invariably, a hoard of zombies cometh.

Tossing a grenade at entrance to the Theater in the Lobby.
If you have time, empty a clip and move on. The video at the beginning of this tutorial, ends in round 54 with a hoard of zombies leaving little Nike prints on my forehead because I broke discipline and lingered way too long at this checkpoint.

Walk the Perimeter

Take the left staircase to start the circuit for the Pied Piper phase. It helps herd any freshly spawning zombies into the trailing hoard and prevents zombies from trapping you.

Take the left staircase to start the circuit for the Pied Piper phase.

Checkpoint Bravo: The Portrait Room

The Portrait Room is just after the Balcony Room. Checkpoint Bravo is located at the rightmost corner nearest the Bravo Trap.

To Avoid Flanking Zombies
Checkpoint Alpha
This exact position is important because any zombies flanking from the right staircase will join the herd in front of you. If you are anywhere else, you risk being trapped by zombies.

Stick and Move

Chuck a grenade, empty a clip, and move on. As you kill a few zombies, new zombies are spawning in the windows in the perimeter around your position. Once spawned, they will continue to break in at those points - even if you move. You can collect the newly spawned zombies into your zombie train, if you move in a timely manner. Otherwise, the zombies will teabag you while stomping little Swastikas into your forehead.

Walk the Line
Walk the outer perimeter.
When you leave, remember to always walk the outermost perimeter. This will help prevent flanking from zombies.

Checkpoint Charlie: The Dressing Room

The forward most corner on the Box side of the Mystery Box Island in the Dressing Room is home to Checkpoint Charlie.

To Avoid Flanking Zombies
Checkpoint Charlie: The Dressing Room

This exact position is important because zombies flanking from the theater will choose to rush the Meteor Rock side of the Mystery Box Island, which will prevent them from trapping you on the Box side.

After Round 50
The Charlie Trap

After round 50, when the zombies just won't die. If the Teleporter is linked and the Charlie Trap is ready, bypass this checkpoint, set the Trap, and wait in the Teleporter for the next spawn wave. This is how you will advance to next round. When round 50 arrives, killing one wave of zombies can take an hour. If you don't want to spend a year getting to Round 100, activate the Trap.

Otherwise, Stick and Move

If the Trap and Teleporter haven't reset - toss a grenade, empty a clip, and move on.

Checkpoint Delta: Backstage Left

After leaving the Dressing Room and entering the Theater, head backstage to the corner closest to the Charlie Trap, between the Dressing Room and the Theater, on the Mystery Box side of the speakers stacked on the middle of the stage. This is Checkpoint Delta.

To Avoid Flanking Zombies

Checkpoint Delta: Backstage Left

This exact position herds right-flanking zombies in to the hoard in front of you.

Stick and Move

Chuck a grenade, empty a clip, and move on.

Link the Teleporter
Link the Teleporter

If the teleporter is ready to be linked, hit it on the way to Checkpoint Alpha.

The Main Point of the Pied Piper Phase

The main point of the Pied Piper phase is gathering points while waiting for the Charlie Trap and the Teleporter to reset, and culling the zombie hoard until there are a few crawlers. You will need to keep these zombies alive for Phase III.

A high resolution video of this strategy in action from round 9 to 13.

Phase III: Prepare for Next Round Once a few handicapped zombies remain, it's time to prep for the next round.
  1. Board up the windows.
  2. Link the Teleporter.
  3. Get ammo.
  4. Buy any equipment, or perks you don’t have.
  5. Hit the Mystery Box.
When you are finished, kill the remaining zombies, head for the Teleporter, and wait for the next round to begin.

Boredom, the Silent Killer

This system is so effective that your biggest challenge will be boredom. If you’ve ever leveled up a character on the outskirts of a Maple Story town, you know what I mean: Ctrl… ctrl… ctrl… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (A friend of a friend actually gets so bored, he plays Maple Story with his toe while surfing the net)

Avoiding Boredom

You can avoid boredom by hitting the Mystery Box and playing each round with whatever the Box gives you. Try a handgun-only round, or grabbing whatever’s on the wall where you run out of bullets. Do little things to challenge yourself, but stick to the system.

Apply, Rinse, and Repeat
A high resolution video showing an aggressive experimental technique,
during rounds 48 and 49, that requires the Zeus Cannon.

Repeat the cycle until you reach your target round or fall blissfully into a coma from sleep deprivation. Either way, if you stick to the system and it will carry you to Round 50 and beyond: glitch-free and legit. There's more than one way to succeed, so think of this as a framework to be improved upon once it's mastered.
Have fun!

The final part in the hulk smash zombies series showing rounds 50 and 51.

I'm on the PS3

If you find yourself stuck or want try for the record, my PS3 gamer tag is SWulf2817. Btw, check out the only zombie dictionary in existence.


  1. i just hit the mystery box and i got the ray gun and thunder gun upgraded them both then mad it to 27 before i got bored that was just running around trying to survive ill have to try this thought whats your highest round

    1. I got to round 37 2 players we died on purpose of boredme using a train tech I'm on ps3 I'm S1Lentkillers1

    2. my highest round is 42 on kino der toten we died because we were bored. Der riese is 47 but we died by doing rape training and ascemsion is 37 but we lost juggernot from monkeys and bdied with no juggernog.

    3. You guys make me feel sucky lol I literally just got off it like 10 minutes ago on wave 27..something I noticed too when you're using this method, watch your back for crawlers at the safe points..thats how I just died..a crawler that wasn't even pissed yet

    4. i have been to 43 on keno quit cuz we got ssick of playing you need ray guns and thunderblmper and hk21 to get far

  2. wow haha im getting better i dont play it all the tim but i love to play it

  3. but my new highest round is 47 i dont have live thats pretty good for myselfe

    1. how long did it take you to reach that round on your own ? im sick of playin with people that dont stick to a system and just run around in different directions makin it hard to avoid zombies from ambushin from every angle lol, so im thinkin of starting a round by myself and sticking to the system above ^^

    2. jay it takes 27 just took over 2 hours..the recordholder (I believe wave 116) has a vid on youtube I watched, 57 min from the start of 114 till he died in 116

    3. Yay fake it wont let you pass round 99 it lirally makes you die it dosent stop sending zombies its only supposed to have 24 out at a time til you kill more then more come but it just keeps sendin um so u die of lack of ammunition trust me i tried

  4. do you have the record for ascension

  5. try getting there with multiple people online. im vjsd11 ps3 level 50 4 players. we died on purpose to go to sleep

    1. ascension records 100+, don't remember the actual number

  6. thats an excellent technique!! im downrange and me and my buddy cannot get past 27!! im going to try this out and see if i can beat our record. can you maybe email me a digital map of this level with colored dots showing the exact spot for each checkpoint? i know it sounds crazy but im having a hard time finding the right spots :( i keep getting zombies comming up from behind me :( airborn334@gmail(dot)com

  7. @kyle rogers I don't have the record for ascension. I'm working on that, as time permits. :)

  8. @Brandon Add me on the PS3. I'll walk you through it.

  9. I remember playing online with a friend and his cousin. We made it to round 198. I'm not lying. No mods, no hacks, just regular gameplay. We filmed it and my friend putted it on his blog. I wish he didn't take it down because I would love for who ever reads this to see it. Oh well atleast about 200 people got to see it.

    1. You are aware that round 198 on solo would take in excess of 80 hours, right? 3x the amount of zombies for 3 players, we're looking at over 200 hours of gameplay. You're seriously suggesting that you played for well over a week straight, considering you can't pause the game when playing online? Okay...

  10. Just passing by... : max round is 99, after that it's a matter of getting highest points possible..

  11. i made it to round 27 solo the guide realy works add me my ID is lukepike45

  12. does anyone play on 360

  13. I tried this method and i sucked worse than i usually do... the checkpoints kept messing me up and the zombie kept getting me... add me on 360- queersizzle

  14. i got 2 wave 20 by myself....... it wuz easy...... but it got boring.... so i let them kill me......

  15. wave 198 iz amazing Anonymous........ the stragegy iz reely good

  16. now i just got 2 wave 25 by myself....... its reely eazy if u uz the stragegy....... i got REELY lucky on some of the waves........ i cant believe that all of us got SO far in zombies.......

  17. i already pass all the levels, even all the campaign mode, in less than 5 hours... yall suck stupid lame hoes!! yall kan suck my peanuts n die bitches, fuking nerds!! yall dnt have a life morrons!!

    1. You can't "pass the levels" on zombies, the rounds are never ending.
      "yall dnt have a life morrons!!" - and you obviously had the time and nothing better to do than to browse this page and leave that comment. What a fulfulling life you must lead...

    2. Exactly. You have an excellent point. Zombies is NEVER ending zombie fun!!!

  18. i made it to reound 47 on kino solo it was easy but only if u use the statergie given

  19. Thanks to this guide, I can get to the twenty's real easy solo. By that time, I've had enough and I collect the meteors and die rockin' to Elena 115. Anyone try running a pattern outside thru the alley? Perhaps with two players thus splitting the hoard.

  20. I can't get past round 7. The zombies eat my face. I play on Wii, so maybe their version is differect than PS3.

  21. ^ Wii is much harder then PS3 or 360 since you have no partners, i go atlease 14 but i never used guides.

  22. Does anyone know why i cant level up? It shows me as highest level 30 but i have been to level 46.. why wont it change?

  23. Hey Jose, I've only gotten to round 6 (I know I suck), but can I add you on ps3 and maybe you can walk me through?
    Username: bwg777 (ps3)

    1. hey add me on ps3 i can get to 23 alone im not as good as this guy but im pretty good i use a different strat. but it gets the job done really well for me my gamer tag on ps3 is zealot_reaper44 and on 360 its zealot reaper04

  24. Hey! I like this strat. is very genius =)

    If you want (please!!!) you can play with me the
    Saturday 3 at 9:15 (Est USA) (14:00 GMT!)
    PSN: yassineya

    The last time I was (solo) in the round 42, following your instructions, of course.

    And, guys! If you want play with us THIS day; send me a message BEFORE the match, or send it after the match, ok?

    With 4 players, I estimate we will do 100 rounds xD

    D'ont forget me pleaaaase!!! Cordially, yassineya

  25. I'm masjad i'm bad so please add me

  26. This is a very different stategy i just basically do what syndicate does but slightly different... if you have skills and quick thinking then this strategy might be right for you. Go look on youtube AwesomeSauceFilms quest for round 50+ kino der toten, and mainly watch what Mat does. (he will be the bottom screen

  27. I made it to Round 21 on solo,and I had the Pack a Punched Ray Gun,and the Pack a Punched RPK.I do however,want to get past Round 29,so maybe you could add me and help me.My psn name is lapd47.

  28. I made it to round 31 on solo,I had the thundergun,and the only perk i had was Juggernog.I died because i got trapped by a gas zombie,and a normal zombie.So here is a question for you:How long would it normally take to get to round 50?

  29. Heh Hopefully this thing helps me (3/25/12) Today round 22 in the future round 35+ XD

  30. i got to round 31, its easy. All you gotta do is pain train

  31. My technique in the early rounds is onceyou get the mp50 stay where checkpoint a is destroying zombies with someone watching the boarded up staircase to not get flanked. can usually last till round 8 if good team work. alone can get to lvl 6

  32. Dont post shit, you cant get to atleast higher than round 120 with 2 players, or round 90 with 3players or round 70 with 4 players, solo world record is at the moment round 171 and ater this all, after round 125 the game can restards, so you need to get freaking luky to get to round 180 on solo... Also i got to round 95 ascension solo, im gonna do a ascension solo run of round 115 (youtube : ProjectSkrillexNL, shitty quality, gonna buy a hd pvr soon)
    Im (13 year old) dutch, so dont look at my spelling...

  33. i think this stratagy is really good and should work

  34. the comment above was from me ryan whitmore PS3 network name : allwhits1

  35. my stratagy is load my hacking shit and put god mode on and whoop ass i don't see how ppl get past lvl 50 or so with inf ammo rapid fire and godmode on zombies its really REALLY slow i no lie pasted out at like 53 something like that and the next morning my game was still going lol i did one more lvl and said fuck this thats really hard getting pass lvl 30 with cheats i will not never do it legit

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. I made it to Round 45 solo on Kino.I got the ThunderGun,pack a punched it,and the rest is history.My friends thought that the zombies would kill me at Round 41.I was surprised that I even made it that far!Oh,for those who are new to zombies,the Ray Gun is USELESS AFTER THE LATE TWENTIES

  38. the one thing odd about this stratergy is the juggernog. i can get to round 17 without it! why is it needed so ergently?

    1. You sound like an advanced player. The urgency to juggernog is for protection against random double swipes, dog rounds, and evasion moments when you may get hit a few times. Not everyone has cultivated the ability to survive all of that consistently for 17 rounds.

  39. round 8587635765378965879687906587960548796058490685940768590498675487548765847685748675487685437867867587486957049837659840574893023574859647839624758932


  40. round 454387937589278594372584078940745823905748392075489037498730247382543

    1. ur username is awsome

  41. Solo I get to mid 80s, but my record is 91. Traps are key after about level 40 if you wanna be quick. Also double tap oroot beer and either pack a punched lmg or lamentation (galil PaP) are your big point makers to buy traps and more PaP weaponry. I enjoy playing around with SPAZ24 also in big mob of zombies with instakill. Just looks so awesome to me. Of course never PaP your thundergun until about round 44+. Run around in circles on the stage. Then blast em. Then rally up some more and continue circles. Then blast em. Rinse and repeat till lvl 99 or till your wife accidentally hits the power button with her toe.

    1. I just got round 68 over a few days of playing a couple hours in the mornings before work and then a couple hours before bed, hoping the box did not turn off. All 4 downs were loss of concentration, so I know I can get higher. Its actually easy but the same thing over and over and of course time consuming. Each high round takes around an hour so I need to try more then the 1 trap per my 3 rotations for each portal use. I move counter clockwise and only do the trap entering the stage to a ready portal. I did not do more traps because they spawn in front of you and there is more danger and the need to use the thunder gun and you need the thunder gun with its 28 shots to last until dogs to get the max ammo since guns are useless on the zombies at the higher levels.

  42. Syndicate's strategy is better.Just sayin

  43. dont kill the last zombie until the teleporter is ready then kill the last zombie and when that round is over make sure to teleport

  44. made it 2 round 30 with a pistol and the hk21, but it was split screen multiplayer (friend had zeus cannon and hk21 also)

  45. This strategy is useful when you dont have god mode on

  46. Do you have a record of Five ? Cause I really Get PWNED all the time

    1. Five is a rubbish map anyway, no one really cares about Five. Just stick to Kino or Ascension -best maps

  47. WARNING(FOR UPDATED COD) sometimes if u get nsta kill zombies get insta kill also

  48. That explains it, I only got to Round 37 highest. I gotta try this strategy it looks really useful.

  49. Do you play on PC? I'm phoenixreborn01 on Steam! I use the other strategy of getting to the Theatre using the doors on the left side of the Lobby.